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Interview with Leanne Vogel

Leanne Vogel is a keto enthusiast, keto nutrition educator, a keto chef and best-selling author. Here’s how she enjoys the nourishing and yummy fat of FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butters.

  1. Tell us why FBOMBS are the perfect keto snack?
    They’re fat packets that fit in my pocket. If you’re like me, and on the go non-stop, sometimes I forget to pack food.
  2. How do FBOMBS help fuel your day?
    On keto, for me, I don’t get that hungry feeling, but I start to feel flat. Like I need something for my brain, a boost of energy. FBOMBS are a packet of energy so I can go through my day and not worry about food.
  3. So are healthy fats good for the brain?
    The brain can run on glucose or ketones. But the brain enjoys ketones more. Fat is so helpful — even for just general brain fog. Seriously, you have the FBOMB and within minutes you’ll notice a difference.
  4. Where do you drop an FBOMB?
    Oh,I think the craziest place was when we were sailing in Great Sale Cay in the Bahamas. We were on a 29-hour sail and the wind was 40 knots and it was coming right off our beam. And the waves were crazy. I keep an FBOMB in my sailing vest. I dropped an FBOMB right there.
  5. So are FBOMBS useful when you start out on keto?
    It’s really, really hard for beginners to know how much fat they need to be eating. You really need a lot of fat.. And the portioning of the FBOMBS,I enjoy. One is good, just perfect. So any of those tricks, especially when you’re first starting out, are great.
  6. And how do you like to eat your FBOMB?
    I don’t mix mine up. I like the really salty bits at the bottom. I look forward to the end the most. The salt is there and it’s like a double dip feeling.And then it’s over but you want more.
  7. And how do you like the taste?
    I like the regular macadamia. It’s got those little crunchy bits so you get that real food feeling. I really enjoy the texture of the little nut pieces
  8. So what’s your favorite flavor?
    Chocolate.Chocolate. Chocolate. I just care about the chocolate. What else is in there that makes it good, I couldn’t even tell you. Chocolate. Consistently, on point. I hide them from my husband.

Eva Rupert

Survivalist on
Discovery’s Naked and Afraid XL
Photo taken by David West

From eating boa constrictor in the wilds of Madagascar to cayman in the Colombian jungle, I know just how important fat is for survival! I love FBOMB products and their mission to make delicious, healthy fats available to people on-the-go. I never leave home without a big knife and my FBOMB Fuel!

Jimmy Moore

Livin' La Vida Low Carb

With my intensive traveling schedule across the globe, it’s a relief to know I’ll always have access to healthy fats no matter where I am in the world thanks to FBOMB products. They are now without a doubt my absolute go-to whenever I’m traveling, no matter how short or long the trip is.

Jade Nelson

Massage Therapist, LMT, and Fitness Instructor
Austin, Texas

Keto has allowed me to do the things I was doing before, but better and with more confidence because I have less fear of having a seizure. My life is fuller without the fear of having a seizure and I can put my energy towards growing my massage practice and living a healthy active life.
  • Why I Love FBOMB - filled with high-quality fats, each single serve packet is keto-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and vegan

  • Pure Fats in an easy-to-tear package that won't blow up in your purse like other packets I've tried

  • My favorite to travel with is the salted chocolate macadamia butter. And, if you’re not a chocolate fiend like me, the macadamia pecan butter is a real treat.

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Welcome to the world of high-quality fats!

FBOMBs are durable and portable pouches packed full of all-natural nut butters or 100% pure premium oils. They’re designed with the knowledge that Fat is Smart Fuel and the belief that high-quality fats should be accessible wherever life takes you. Whether your way of eating is ketogenic, paleo, low-carb, or just plain healthy, it’s important to stay energized and satiated with a convenient source of low-carb fuel. Recharge by dropping an FBOMB anytime, anywhere. Enjoy FBOMB nut butters straight from the pouch. Add FBOMB premium oils to coffee and tea, to soups and broths, and on salads and vegetables. 

How to drop an fbomb

So you’re ready to start dropping some FBOMBs, huh? We’re here to share some delicious ways to introduce more fat into your diet. Once you know the basics, you’ll discover just how easy it is to eat more fat! And, you’ll be on your way to creating new ways that work best for you and your lifestyle. Our products are protected in our 3-layer, custom-made, extra-durable pouches. We designed rounded corners for comfort in your pocket. Despite being extremely durable, you’ll notice that our packets have easy-open tear notches on either side, just below the top. Unlike others, with sharp corners and hard-to-open serrated ends, our pouches let you decide exactly how you want to release the fatty goodness inside. You can tear off just the corner or, if you’re feeling bold, you can tear off the entire top and go all in.


Why I Choose to Drop FBOMBs

10% OFF all products with code: LEANNE10